How Backlinks Can Help With Your SEO Rankings

With every minute improvement in search engine algorithms, ranking higher is becoming more and more challenging. Backlinks, however, contribute significantly to your site’s stability in changing times. 


They are one of the primary Google ranking factors that boost your website’s referral traffic organically and raise awareness about your page or brand. It also positions your brand/business as an authority. If you’ve just started a website or a brand, you might need some of these to rank higher. 


This article will help you understand how backlinks work and how you can benefit from them. 


So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Backlinks: What are they?


Backlinks are links from a carrier on one website to another from the receiving end. These are often referred to as ‘incoming links’ or ‘inbound links,’ and from the linking side, they’re called external outgoing or outbound links. 


There are three reasons why they’re crucial for your site’s SEO. First, it’s a factor that helps Google and other search engines decide which sites should rank the highest for a particular question. Second, backlinks can send you more sightseers through referral traffic; third, backlinks can help search engines discover your pages faster. 


Think of it as votes. When a website receives a backlink, it’s essentially another website vouching for the content on the page, and the more votes you get from credible sources, the higher the trust. However, not all backlinks are created equal at a basic level. 


What’s more important; Quality or Quantity of Backlinks?


The quality of the Backlinks is just as important for search engine optimization results as its quantity. Topical relevance and authority separate a good quality backlink from the not-so-great ones. While explaining the topical relevance, Google, in their reasonable surfer model, has related the likelihood of the link being clicked directly to its importance. 


For instance, a web page on slide making would fall under the category of either DIY crafts or perhaps something for kids. Let’s say this site has two backlinks, one from a tech blog and another from a kid’s activity page. You guessed it; the latter would hold more weight since there’s higher topical relevance from the web page as well as the domain.


As for authority, both the quality and quantity of Backlinks from the referring sites play a crucial role in making your web page stand out. Google uses PageRank to determine the authority of web pages. 


However, since their data is not publicly available, third-party tools use proprietary metrics like domain rating, URL rating, and popularity index to represent the strength of a particular site—the greater the Backlinks from the authoritative domain, the higher your chances of getting ranked. You’d ideally want to get them from topically relevant and authoritative pages to reap maximum benefits. 


How Can High Domain Authority Backlinks Affect Your SEO


One of the most debated questions amongst the web page owners is, do high domain authority backlinks affect your rankings? A backlink from a website with a higher level of authority than your own is known as a high domain authority backlink. 


Assuming you have a website that sells pet products, you might want to find other websites that sell pet food and ask them to link to yours to improve your ranking for the keyword cat food or dog food. 


The more popular these redirected websites are, the more likely it is that your website will be able to rank higher in search results for the keyword cat food. However, this may not always work. 


For instance, if your website is specialized and you cannot obtain links from other websites that sell similar products due to high competition, you can always use tools to generate the backlinks. 


How Does it Work?


Google’s entire ranking algorithm is based on the number of backlinks that point to your website, which may seem counterintuitive. The higher the number of authoritative domain links pointing to your website, the higher your chances of ranking. 


When determining how to rank websites and search results, the Google search engine algorithm considers a website’s authority or how trustworthy it is, among other factors. 


For example, if Google believes a website to be accurate and informative, and the vast majority of users who visit that site has a positive experience, Google will consider that website to be authoritative on the subject matter of the website in question. 


Other websites can then link to that authoritative website, increasing their own credibility in the process. But they are not the only factors influencing your search engine ranking of physicians, and they are less significant than you might think.


Factors affecting SEO Ranking 


When ranking your page, Google takes a variety of factors into account, including metrics such as dwell time, bounce rate, page speed, and others. 


Although there are many facets to consider, one crucial factor that is relatively easy to influence is the number, nature, and quality of backlinks pointing to your page. The first two things to consider are the number of links you have and the quality of those links. 


As a result, Google considers having more high-quality links to be a sign that your website is trustworthy and valuable, and thus you should be ranked higher in search results. Although it’s essential to have high domain authority, it is not as important as the other factors. 


It would help if you concentrated on obtaining relevant links rather than worrying about whether or not the sites have high domain authority. A high domain authority score shows that the site has a lot of trustworthiness, and linking to your site from these pages might help you rank higher in search engine results.


Summing Up…


Link building might seem daunting initially, but we can vouch for its worthiness in building your business. Backlinks will improve your SEO ranking ten folds that will help you have a stable and authoritative position in such competitive and challenging times.

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